A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be” -Abraham Maslow

This Fall I am celebrating my film’s completion and the start of the new one. I submitted Adjustment at film festivals in Europe and locally in New York City and await responses. Check the trailer here

I started writing a new screenplay, a love story. I always wanted to make that type of a story for the screen. Starting anything can be off-putting and a cause for anxiety, even for the most disciplined. To start I use affirmations, short helpful sentences with soothing words. Affirmations are easy to write and to carry around on an index card, inside a wallet.

According to the English American Dictionary, to “affirm” is to state that something is true. You may know the work of Louise Hay, I borrow from her website

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.” When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life.”

Creativity affirmations

I am aware of my own talents and abilities and therefore I feel more focused.

Every day, I feel more positive about my creative talents and abilities and realize that I enjoy taking control of my life.

I know that I can achieve my full potential. I work on my creative projects every day.

I love my creative energy. I recognize more and more all the good things I have created in my life.

I hold my head high as I now feel good about myself and my daily creative practice.

I  enjoy my life, as I am focused on my creative projects daily.

I have a relaxed attitude towards others as I feel confidence and joy in following my creative bliss.

I take in everything that life is to offer me and I enjoy my creativity every day.

I now have a positive picture of myself in front of me, totally in control of my creative life, totally sure of my art practice.

Every day I become more aware of my talents and abilities and I am reaching my creative goals.

Stand in front of your mirror. Say the affirmations out loud a few times in the morning and in the evening.

Place your affirmations in visible areas at work or at home, somewhere you can easily glance throughout the day.

Does the process of starting sound overwhelming? Contact me at 347-830-5239, or via email to schedule a free mini session to discuss your needs.

The new exhibit I enjoyed in November is “Paper Dolls” by Rick Lazes, a sculptural artist specializing in innovative design techniques and materials. I was drawn to the Ezair gallery by the playful vivid colors and shapes I noticed through the gallery window, one evening walking on Lexington Street in Manhattan.  I thought, “what a spectacle” and walked inside.

“I create vibrant and sensuous sculpture that is a manifestation of my passion for music,” Rick begins his artist statement. Rick is not a traditional sculptor. His artistic vision is exploratory with plexiglass, photography, or painting. This versatility of the medium allows Rick to balance his mastery of shape and contour with color and iconography.


A useful Adjustment

What a great way to finish the month, welcome the middle of Fall and announce I completed my new narrative film Adjustment. This was a five-year process. All the while, I held a full-time job, relocated to the City of New York and started a new life, fully committed to myself and the things I love the most!

I took two years to write the screenplay, I completed about thirty drafts or more. Then I found incredible talent in New York City who agreed to work with me over our free time. Post-production took a year and a half, considering I shot five green screens!

Adjustment describes the story of Clio when she is laid off, should she pursue the promise of the US, or return to her homeland in Europe?

I enclose useful links, that describe the amazing talent and some more information about this enriching creative process.

On a different note, I started planning my new film, aiming to produce it in the summer of 2018. But for this, I ‘ll write some later. I hope you have a blessed weekend! -NefeliLiberty Statue

Innovative coaching at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

This month I am doing more the things that give me joy and being outdoors is one of them. September is a sweet month. It marks the transition from summer to fall.  Daily almost we enjoy warm summer-like temperatures with plenty of sunshine, all the while, the leaves on the trees start to change colors.

This September I am holding affordable group coaching sessions with expressive art and writing at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park (at the Lafayette memorial). Check the link below for the schedule and feel free to invite your friends.






Join us today at MINKA wellness center in Brooklyn for a fun expressive arts workshop. I am presenting at around 5:00pm, you can check other speakers and vendors from the health and wellness field from 11am-7pm). Contact MINKA to find out more details at

Nefeli Soteriou, MFA, CCA -Helping creative clients enrich their lives, meet their goals and achieve wellness

Photography assemblage, N.Soteriou



Coach_offersHello there,

I would like to share the price list for my powerful, affordable coaching services; you may find information about my philosophy in coaching here. In addition,  click here to see the service price listings. If you want to try coaching for yourselves, or to give it as a gift to a friend, I highly recommend the Helpful Bargain, also described below. Best, Nefeli


Nefeli Soteriou, MFA, CCA –Helping creative clients enrich their lives, meet their goals and achieve wellness

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LIFETIME BARGAIN! This holiday make a great gift to someone special or try it for yourself.


Hello! I’d like to introduce a fine coaching bargain for this holiday season.

I guide individuals strengthen self-expression, align with goals, while honing the road to wellness. For the price of $100.00 you  receive 2×30 minute sessions or 4 sessions x15 minutes. In the mini sessions we discuss only one question of yours each time. We arrange our chat on the phone or SKYPE. To purchase follow the link above.




How I work with clients

A picture is worth a thousand words, and here it is below, how I work with clients, a snapshot  of my Art for Wellness program. Art for Wellness is a gentle program. It guides clients to meaningful self-reflection, enhances mindfulness and helps de-stress. For a full description of  my coaching programs visit my website

This holiday season give the gift of coaching to a special loved one, or to yourself! For the price of $100.00 you  receive 2×30 minute sessions, or 4 mini sessions x15 minutes. During those 4 mini sessions we address only one question each time. A great treat for you or a friend. We  arrange our chat on the phone or SKYPE.  Follow the link via my website here and let’s get started!


About Starting Over

Good morning everyone,

In this blog I want to celebrate the launching of my new workshop Starting Over as part of my coaching programs. Starting Over reflects to my passion for play with art and expressive writing, and aims to promote individual wellness. It is my belief that all issues can be understood and even set to resolve, when we look within.

Change does not happen overnight. The visual communications language is proven from cavemen time however, how it has assisted humans improve their lives. I am an advocate for art as a tool for development, healing and strengthening self-expression. I have experienced it as an artist and as a teacher for over twelve years now, from designing curriculum and teaching art to children at kindergarten, middle school, to adults in academia.

I learned art discipline in Cyprus where I grew up. When I moved to Athens Greece for college, I focused in Photography and developed an interest in humans and their environment. In the US, I learned the craft of filmmaking and how to produce narrative films about my own points of view.

As a graduate student in the US I had a life changing experience. There is something good about handling life alone, without parental over-protection. I was in my mid-twenties when I started relying more and more on my intuition. I looked how I can progress in my own life. I read hundreds of books and articles in psychology, self-improvement, alternative medicine, and participated in many relevant workshops. With assistance of great teachers, I observed my thinking and gradually shifted my mind-set. Over time, I established new habits and learned to improve my interpersonal communications.

The modalities humans used over the centuries to help-themselves like acupuncture, fascinate me. I am into self-care and massage therapy, aromatherapy, and eating unprocessed food. I love all sorts of exercise, and prefer to take long walks in nature. I am Reiki I graduate, took advanced mediumship courses from Lilydale trained spiritual teachers. I remember my dreams and write them down. I use the tarot as a coaching tool in my tools palette for discovery and self-reflection.

And so I designed Starting Over when the time was right, it wouldn’t be possible otherwise, I would not be ready. During the workshops participants write expressive writing in personal journals, I invite you to bring your own. We do not share our writing. And in between the writing exercises we play with art pens and create calligraphy art and complete other exercises with the material provided. Artistic skill is not required to participate.

Starting Over brings community together. I would love it if you would join us!




Newsletter, September 5th, 2016

Good morning everyone,

I am writing to get in touch and also to announce my commitment to have a regular connection established with you and the world with a newsletter.

I received my Certification in Creativity Coaching on August 4th, 2016, here’s a mini article I was asked to write for my graduation at the CCA’s newsletter.

As part of my Coaching programs, I offer my expressive arts workshop Starting Over at MINKA Wellness center in Brooklyn, 11225, on Saturday October 29th, from 11:00am-1:00pm. Starting Over combines writing and spontaneous art exercises. It is designed to help participants restore their inner balance and gain understanding of their feelings. Artistic skill is not required to participate. Should you know anyone in the city of New York that may benefit, please share MINKA’s contact link. Their phone number is 917-635-3666.

I strive to write this newsletter as if I am standing across you and talking to you in person. Greek is my native language. I spend a lot of hours writing and revising everything I send out. Though someone proofreads, should there something feels awkward once in a while, I would appreciate your understanding and send me an email to point it out.

Is been four years I started writing my film Adjustment. I produced it in the city of New York. I am now doing the tedious work in post-production, color correction and sound editing. I maybe able to share with you the first draft of the trailer at my next newsletter. The film describes the stakes of the young protagonist who is laid off and is at crossroads, should she pursue the promise of the US, or return to her homeland in Europe? Adjustment is a fiction film I planned and shot with no additional crew. I casted with the following talent, Holly Jian, Michelle Marlowe, Kate Dickinson, Raymond Pental, and Elodie Di Paulo Burrone. The wonderful music composer Ilsik Byun who is based in LA, composed a great Jazz score.

Finally, I want to share that I have a few slots open for Creativity Coaching. I am able to meet in person in Brooklyn, or in Manhattan. For the folks abroad, I am available over SKYPE between 5:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. daily, US Eastern Time. You may call me for a consultation at (01) 347-830-5239, or email at My website is

Sending you warm loving thoughts for optimal wellness. Best, Nefeli




Third International Creativity Coaching Conference

The third annual International Coaching Conference in Creativity was held two weeks ago at Lake George, NY. Creativity Coaches, Psychotherapists and Artists from all walks of life gathered to discuss issues around Creativity. As active member of the association and a Creativity Coaching candidate, I joined them. After all Creativity is one of my passions.

Upon my late arrival on Friday evening, I attended a dinner gathering where I met most attendees and conference presenters. The icebreaker games were a well-organized treat that helped us escape from our comfort zone and get to know each other a bit more.

On Saturday morning I enjoyed a delicious fresh breakfast right before the keynote speech. The keynote reminded me to feel inspired of life itself, regardless the cracks I may face on my path. I was furthermore helped to reinforce my belief in myself, that there is nothing I couldn’t handle, should I simply choose to.

Some presenters emphasized how important it is to have courage, but also be mindful of our own negative thoughts. In my opinion, minding the negative mind is a topic that many may resonate aside creative people, coaches or therapists. Simply put the chatterbox comes with being human.

We should care for such venues that promote inspiration for life as they foster ideas for collective and individual excellence.

Remember, the sky is the limit!


The conference organizers scheduled a steamboat ride in Lake George, a very pleasant treat for all attendees; the snap-shot from my first Android smart phone