Summertime at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, 2018

It seems to me abundance is as real and personal as our individual thinking patterns. Life has ups and downs, a journey it is. However, to lessen the stress and the pressure from life, we have free tools to our disposal to proactively strengthen mind, body, and spirit, and create healthier thoughts to the path to wellness:

1. Eat clean, mostly plant-based foods

2. Take in sunlight (15 min daily)

3. Exercise 30 minutes a day, walking works fine

4. Mingle to socialize; thankfully there are tons of social groups to join

5. Drink plenty of fresh water (use a filter or boil it).

It is a state of pressure, “being alive” when I over-think it and select to hear the overbearing thoughts than those that soothe my life experiences. It comes down to the thoughts I choose to think on a daily basis. I put work to achieve mind observation than believing those racing thoughts unless they serve my filmmaking productivity.

Things always work out for me!

Start small. Habit formation requires your commitment to yourself and you will achieve results, I know you will. If you fall in the old habit one day, that is fine, try again the next day.


EUDAIMONIA Newsletter, Fall 2018

6X6 Presentation 2018

Creativity and self-care

Happy Fall season to you! Handling stress is today’s topic. With good intentions and all, life kicks in. How to cope? Here are some tips to ensure your wellness proactively.

First get clear. Choose the things that give meaning in life and pursue only them. Sure, you can upgrade accordingly as time goes by. The more clear you are about your path, the better you learn to manage the stress that shows up sometimes uninvited.

Second hold on to the positive end result with some sort of visual. Draw it, collage it in the form of a vision board, write it down. Think of it like a personal contract, a reminder to hold yourself accountable for your life.

Third trust deeply in your ability to see life issues through.

Fourth when setbacks kick in, take a break and slow down. Engage in activities that help you de-stress and calm down, such as resting, practice deep breathing, listening to soothing music, mingle with friends, exercise.

Fifth release judgmental thoughts that cross your mind by observing them, simply don’t believe them. 

Sixth consider working with a coach. Interview her/him, find the right fit first. It is easier to have support than doing it alone.

About my summertime

The third summer month I spent 27 heavenly days in Limassol, Cyprus. I was with my family, went to the beach almost daily and shot my new film with the working title Love story. The film is now in the can, well, in the digital form of a can, and to edit it this year. Additionally, thanks to 6×6 Centre of Photography in Limassol, I presented a motivational lecture addressing the business of art to local creatives. The event was successful, we had a full house participation and visitors from all cities of Cyprus joined, which indicates the strong interest. In my opinion, there is the historic importance to note here, since growing up in Cyprus not too long ago, there was no support for art whatsoever. The winds of change are blowing slowly and steadily in the small island of Cyprus!

Planning ahead

 In January 2019, I am to co-lead a workshop in health, creativity, and self-care, to announce more details  with the next newsletter

Happy Fall time to you and yours! Best, Nefeli


PS/ The photo is from the motivational lecture I presented in Limassol, Cyprus on 9/8/2018. Mr. Vassos Stylianides, the owner, opens the floor.


EUDAIMONIA Newsletter, Summer 2018


Happy Summer! I am posing at USS Constitution in Boston, was there for a short visit in June.

My first e-book Easy In Teacher, Valuable Enrichment Lessons in Visual Art and Filmmaking is available online, use the highlighted link above to check it out. A discounted price is offered to anyone interested in mindfulness education.

If you are a photography enthusiast who wants to enhance your creative portfolio, check out another course of mine, Building Photography Portfolio course in 10 Decisive Steps.  Now, the word decisive is in almost every title of the courses I develop. I simply love the sounding richness of the word decisive. Secondly, it reminds me of Henry Cartier-Bresson and the concept of the decisive moment in street photography.

Other lifestyle transformational courses I designed are:

In regards to personal creative projects, this summer I take it easy. I practice extreme focus on daily meaningful tasks including helping my clients, teaching, monitoring my last film’s Adjustment festival submissions and researching my directorial approach to my new film,  Love Story.


Nefeli Soteriou, MFA, Certified Creativity Coach, NYS Life Coach -Helping clients achieve lifestyle wellness, offering the humanistic approach




Many good things started to happen before Spring this year. I picked a “walk a dog a day” habit to help my healing process from the passing of my eleven-year companion dog, Blaze. I never walked another dog or owned one before Blaze, who was medium in size and roughly 50 pounds, and I was somewhat hesitant to walk larger breeds. Needless to say, I snapped out of it the first week when a giant Great Dane jumped on my back from joy when I visited to take him out for relief.

I met a wonderful artist during one of my walks, her name is Sharon Azar and creates art with mixed media. Sharon is accepting commissions to create amazing portraits of your beloved pets. Her approach with mixed media is unique, her paper mosaics—images are first drawn and then dimensionally built up with small pieces of beautiful paper.

Sharon Azar; 426 Sterling Pl. Apt. #1C; Bklyn, NY 11238; 718 783 3432


Raised in Brooklyn by her Sephardic Jewish grandmother, Sharon’s childhood dream of becoming an artist and dancer became realized when she migrated to Greenwich Village in 1963. She began studying with the artist, Otto Franz Krone, the Art Student’s League and School of Visual Arts. Her formal art teacher at the School of Visual Arts was Sarah Reader.

Sharon performed with puppeteer/director, Jane Stein at Lincoln Center Outdoor festival, LaMama Theater in NYC, various NYC nightclubs, traveled with the Tibetan Liberation Theater and worked with the off-off-Broadway director, Charles Allcroft. Sharon received a grant to further her studies from the Center of Oriental Studies, founded by John Brzostoski.

Art above: Wolf, Art below: Cat

“I was working on a watercolor painting of a butterfly. It simply wasn’t coming out the way I had seen it in my mind’s eye so I walked away to take a break. As I sat drinking tea, I noticed a dress that no longer fit lying over the back of a chair. The pattern of the dress was so beautiful I just couldn’t toss it out. It came to me that if I could duplicate that pattern in my butterfly watercolor, the piece might really work. Then it came to me. Why not cut up the dress and paste it onto the watercolor. This is how I began making fabric mosaic images which led to using paper exclusively.”

The vitality of the artist and their passion for their medium can also be evident in the environment they construct. Last summer I discovered an educational center for photography in my hometown, in Limassol, Cyprus.  6X6 is the city’s first Contemporary Center for Photography. As I am told by the owners, Mrs. Maria and Vassos Stylianou, the purpose of the Center is to host educational activities and lectures around Photography. The Center offers print services and a large gallery space for anyone interested exhibiting their work, under a submission process. The center displays old equipment and historical photography, significant to the city of Limassol and the island of Cyprus.

What can go on a show?
High-quality Fine Art Prints of paintings, illustrations, watercolors, mosaics, installations and other works of art created by local artists will be featured in exhibitions. Digital inkjet prints using Archival quality pigment-based inks for print permanence and durability on a variety of materials and finishes. All exhibits are available for sale.

Create your own!
Are you an artist interested in reproducing your original work in an affordable way, which matches the standards of the original? Visit this exhibition and explore the possibilities that 6×6 has to offer!

19 Ipeirou Street, 3040 Limassol, CYPRUS
Mail address:P.O.Box 51961, 3509 Limassol, CYPRUS
TEL.:  +357 25354810 FAX.: +357 25372936
e-mail: info@cyprus6x6.com


The transition to Spring brought an invitation to speak about my Coaching business to a wider audience at a live interview at The Professionals Roundtable show, hosted by Robert Whetham of All Business Media FM. The interview is 8 minutes long and is useful to anyone who wants to hear about my coaching philosophy overall and how I can help others. Listen to it here
Address: 435 Broome Street, Manhattan, NY (Prince Street and Canal street stations) Time: 4:00pm to 6:00 pm, Register by clicking here

When: Sunday, April 29th, Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Location:  SohoPlaces, 435 Broome Street in Manhattan (Prince Street Station and Canal Street)

What we’ll do 

In this relaxing two-hour workshop, we will blend visual art techniques and have fun by using our imagination and creativity to design and complete a new decorative image with collage paper art and stencil to take home, give as a gift, or decorate a wall at work. You don’t need to know about art, but a willingness to try something new. This expressive art workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Some of the benefits

  • Enhance mindfulness and concentration, while developing an idea and assembling all the components
  • Discuss reference imaging of Masters of Photography
  • Learn new ways to utilize the various elements that might be included in an image
  • Increase awareness of the potential of a color, shape, form, and line
  • Work your observational and intuitive skills by focusing on designing a collage theme and developing it to completion
  • An opportunity to socialize and interact with like-minded folks

Materials will be provided, however, you may bring your favorites to use


Dr. Janet Wolfe – Great combination, a mini-lectures on composition, editing, etc and line shooting followed by superb critiques from a highly experienced and talented photographer

J. F. – Excellent, and learned a great deal about texture, balance, and composition

Art for Wellness Expressive Workshop

When: Sunday, April 29th, Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Location:  SohoPlaces, 435 Broome Street in Manhattan (Prince Street and Canal Street are the closest train stop stations)


What we’ll do 

In this supportive two-hour workshop, we will have fun by using our imagination and creativity to design and complete a new decorative image with collage paper art and stencil to take home, give as a gift, or decorate a wall at work.  You don’t need to know about art, but a willingness to try something new. This expressive art workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Some of the benefits

  • Enhance mindfulness and concentration, while developing an idea and assembling all the components
  • Discuss reference imaging of Masters of Photography
  • Learn new ways to utilize the various elements that might be included in an image
  • Increase awareness of the potential of a color, shape, form, and line
  • Work your observational and intuitive skills by focusing on designing a collage theme and developing it to completion
  • An opportunity to socialize and interact with like-minded folks

                                                     BUY BY CLICKING HERE

Materials will be provided, however, you may bring your favorites to use

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Breakthrough Coaching blend @ Spring Holistic Fair. Free Admission

photo-nature-heart-healingI ‘ll be offering my breakthrough coaching blend with the tarot at the Spring Holistic Fair organized by the Shamanic Community Gathering NY. Find more about my coaching programs here: http://www.nefelisoteriou.com/services

Testimonials: http://www.nefelisoteriou.com/contact
Nefeli is an excellent coach with angel cards!! I have consulted her on many occasions and always felt more in touch with my feelings after the consultation. And the fact that she could do it over the phone or virtually makes it even more convenient to get clarity of mind. I highly recommend her coaching guidance for getting a better perspective
Apra P.

• The details:
After a strong winter, it is good to release all stagnate energies and let our projects and passions blossom.

Join us for the Spring Holistic Fair. There will be free lectures, amazing energy and shamanic healers from many ancestral traditions. Astrologers, palm, intuitive angels and psychic readers will offer 20-minute sessions for $30, 30-minute session $40, and 40 minutes for $55.

Also, there will be healthy vegan food vendors, native artisan crafts, essential oils, cleaning products, crystals, meditation tools, smudging sticks, salt lamps, sacred geometry pouches, Shamanic healing drums, art prints and much more.

Come at any time. Although, it is preferable to arrive early in order to book a healing session; as they may sell out fast. Come gather and meet amazing people and enjoy healthy and conscious foods.

Date: Saturday, March 24th.
Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Location: Soho Places 435 Broome Street. Bet. Crosby St. and Broadway Feel free to bring your family and friends along!

We look forward to seeing you!
Love and Light

-The Shamanic Community Gathering NY Team


What we’ll do: Images can inform, enlighten, delight, and make our world a better place. Anyone can create them, but skill is required to express a personal vision. This course focuses on expressing your personal vision through a blend of visual art techniques. It is about introducing you to the principles of the photographic composition with discussing reference imaging of Master classic works and becoming inspired to create your own design with collage paper and stencil. You will learn about the graphical elements of the visual representation, compositional techniques, and will be guided to complete your project to take home. You will come away with a new understanding of design and image making, and how to use art material to discover and, or, built on your personal vision. Artistic skill is not required to participate in this expressive workshop.

Day: Sunday, March 4th, 2018, Time: 4:00pm-6:00pmLocation: SohoPlaces, 435 Broome Street, Manhattan, New York City (Canal Street station)

What to bring: We will provide the material, it is included in the affordable fee of $25.00
However, if you have your favorites sets of pencils or markers and want to use them, please bring them along.

Important to know: Pay via Paypal at PayPal.Me/NefeliSoteriou to secure your spot, or bring cash at the location, however, to better coordinate, please first drop me a line here

The fee covers the rental space, the material, and the teacher’s compensation

Art by Alice Lindstrom:

Scribble, Doodle Fun, FREE Expressive Art!


When: Wednesday, January 31st, 6:30 PM-7:55 PM

Where: Soho Places, 435 Broome Street, New York, NY, 10013 (Canal/Spring Subways),

Details as to what we’ll do: In this expressive art workshop, we focus on mindfulness and set the intention to unwind, relax and have fun with the creative process. The goal is to allow your wisdom within to emerge and potentially receive meaningful insights, for example, where to schedule summer vacation, how to target a new career or come up of a solution to a pressing life issue. Participants will be guided to scribble with a pencil at first. You will doodle and draw lines as well, and then we will color with markers and pens. Artistic skill is not required to participate. Materials will be provided. If you would prefer, bring your favorite markers or pens. Participants take the artwork home with them. Must RSVP; the workshop is limited to 8 participants.

Some of the benefits participants receive:

De-stress & self-soothe
Enhance mindfulness
Receive meaningful insights
Reach a state of relaxation
Cultivate self-care
Support personal healing
Engage socially

RSVP Via Email at http://www.nefelisoteriou.com/contact

or via the meetup website below:

Innovative coaching at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

Brooklyn, NY
37 Members

This is a group for anyone interested in affordable classes on personal development, motivation, and self-expression. I started this group to be helpful and to combine my love…

Next Meetup

Scribble, Doodle & Have Fun, With Free Expressive Art!

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018, 6:30 PM
1 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

Artwork by Simon Wild


Eudaimonia Newsletter, Winter 2018

Wishing you a loving, fruitful and healthy year ahead!

May the new calendar year inspires you to become more attentive to your personal care and wellness, pursue more of the things you love to do, work responsibly according to your unique lifestyle and values, and surround yourself with the people that accept you as you are.


Lifestyle Lessons from Design and Usability

I was outside a movie theatre in Rhode Island New York when I saw this innovative bike rack. It is made from old film projector reels welded on a metal pole. The screening of a film on that type of a projector is obsolete, although there are a handful of art house theaters in New York City and Los Angeles that support it. Using the analogy of the projector reel in the picture, we can rid of old thoughts that contaminate the mind and re-design and upgrade ourselves this year, with the goal to achieve wellness.

How can we stop the thought of fear, worry, comparison, or judgment? The easiest way is to meditate.  Meditation helps you observe your thoughts but not becoming attached to them. With meditation, you align with your essence, or else your true self. You release tension and return to tasks with more ease. As you practice daily, you will gain better clarity in tackling day-to-day life challenges.

You may already have experienced meditation in a group setting. Meditation can take place during a gentle yoga class. The church or the temple offers an environment to practice meditation. However, there are things you can do at home.

My favorite form of meditation is observing my breathing. Here’s how you can go about it. Start in a quiet, comfortable place at home. You may be sitting with your feet grounded, palms on your legs, or lying down. Set your smartphone’s timer for five minutes. Close your eyes. Simply start to notice your breathing in and out of your nose. No need to try deep inhales, but continue to breathe, in and out. Thoughts may come in, do not resist them. Maintain the focus on your breathing. Five minutes go by really fast. Do the same meditation for thirty days, at the same time. Write me, let me know how this experience is for you.

Best, Nefeli

Exercise: What is one thing you would want to change your life? Is it your finances, your career, your love relationships, or the way you manage your time? Take some time to think and to write your answer down. Then examine your thoughts. Is it realistic to act on the change you want to see? If not, why not? write it down.

New Email Course, a Valuable Offer

Decisive Steps to Changes is a ten week-work email course about change. It is an invitation to an adventure that starts within, with a focus on the individual and their personal values. The price of $97.00 includes a 45-minute coaching session with me to enhance the course, a 50% discount. Click on this link to purchase this deal for yourself, or to give it as a present to a loved one or a friend.

Teaching Workshop

Join us for an expressive photographic composition workshop for adults at Gilda and Henry Block School of the Arts at 92nd Street Y. Mark the date, Sunday, March 25th, from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm. Contact the Art Center at  212.415.5562 for registration information.

Aromatherapy Workshop & Open House

I am very pleased I ‘ll be teaching the course of Holistic Consulting this Spring at Jahment, the first Holistic school licensed by the State of New York.  Check Jahment out through their monthly open houses and free workshops.

You are Invited! Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy workshop

Location: 210 East 43rd Street, by Grand Central Station, NY

RSVP via Eventbrite by clicking the link. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aromatherapy-workshop-and-jahment-holistic-school-open-house-tickets-41884970073













A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be” -Abraham Maslow

This Fall I am celebrating my film’s completion and the start of the new one. I submitted Adjustment at film festivals in Europe and locally in New York City and await responses. Check the trailer here

I started writing a new screenplay, a love story. I always wanted to make that type of a story for the screen. Starting anything can be off-putting and a cause for anxiety, even for the most disciplined. To start I use affirmations, short helpful sentences with soothing words. Affirmations are easy to write and to carry around on an index card, inside a wallet.

According to the English American Dictionary, to “affirm” is to state that something is true. You may know the work of Louise Hay, I borrow from her website

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.” When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life.”

Creativity affirmations

I am aware of my own talents and abilities and therefore I feel more focused.

Every day, I feel more positive about my creative talents and abilities and realize that I enjoy taking control of my life.

I know that I can achieve my full potential. I work on my creative projects every day.

I love my creative energy. I recognize more and more all the good things I have created in my life.

I hold my head high as I now feel good about myself and my daily creative practice.

I  enjoy my life, as I am focused on my creative projects daily.

I have a relaxed attitude towards others as I feel confidence and joy in following my creative bliss.

I take in everything that life is to offer me and I enjoy my creativity every day.

I now have a positive picture of myself in front of me, totally in control of my creative life, totally sure of my art practice.

Every day I become more aware of my talents and abilities and I am reaching my creative goals.

Stand in front of your mirror. Say the affirmations out loud a few times in the morning and in the evening.

Place your affirmations in visible areas at work or at home, somewhere you can easily glance throughout the day.

Does the process of starting sound overwhelming? Contact me at 347-830-5239, or via email to schedule a free mini session to discuss your needs.

The new exhibit I enjoyed in November is “Paper Dolls” by Rick Lazes, a sculptural artist specializing in innovative design techniques and materials. I was drawn to the Ezair gallery by the playful vivid colors and shapes I noticed through the gallery window, one evening walking on Lexington Street in Manhattan.  I thought, “what a spectacle” and walked inside.

“I create vibrant and sensuous sculpture that is a manifestation of my passion for music,” Rick begins his artist statement. Rick is not a traditional sculptor. His artistic vision is exploratory with plexiglass, photography, or painting. This versatility of the medium allows Rick to balance his mastery of shape and contour with color and iconography.