Artist, the provocateur


I looked them up, those silenced because they expressed an opinion. I looked those up, whose work was vandalized to enforce another’s opinion.

The new curriculum calls for Compassion 101.

In this course, students learn to primarily love themselves. In a sixteen week intensive, students learn hands-on how to love themselves deeply. The students report weekly to tailored lectures and assignments that focus on the principles of self-compassion. Students learn to love themselves unconditionally, despite their mishaps and imperfections.

Compassion 101 aims to instill strong values of self-acceptance to all participants, long-term. Students are introduced to notions of non-separateness with others, while learning to cope and manage personal triggers mind fully and –above all- with non-violence.

Students graduate with understanding deeply that anybody’s opinion is simply an opinion. In the completion of the final project, which can be either a video or an essay, students produce a record of the benefits of handling others opinions with self-compassion and self-love.

Upon successful completion, students can inquire permission from faculty to take the Advanced Problems in Compassion.

P.S. The above in the photograph I created when I was in elementary school. I drew over the picture of a great Greek poet in my textbook. E-mail me if you recognize which poet I refer to. Read more