About Starting Over

Good morning everyone,

In this blog I want to celebrate the launching of my new workshop Starting Over as part of my coaching programs. Starting Over reflects to my passion for play with art and expressive writing, and aims to promote individual wellness. It is my belief that all issues can be understood and even set to resolve, when we look within.

Change does not happen overnight. The visual communications language is proven from cavemen time however, how it has assisted humans improve their lives. I am an advocate for art as a tool for development, healing and strengthening self-expression. I have experienced it as an artist and as a teacher for over twelve years now, from designing curriculum and teaching art to children at kindergarten, middle school, to adults in academia.

I learned art discipline in Cyprus where I grew up. When I moved to Athens Greece for college, I focused in Photography and developed an interest in humans and their environment. In the US, I learned the craft of filmmaking and how to produce narrative films about my own points of view.

As a graduate student in the US I had a life changing experience. There is something good about handling life alone, without parental over-protection. I was in my mid-twenties when I started relying more and more on my intuition. I looked how I can progress in my own life. I read hundreds of books and articles in psychology, self-improvement, alternative medicine, and participated in many relevant workshops. With assistance of great teachers, I observed my thinking and gradually shifted my mind-set. Over time, I established new habits and learned to improve my interpersonal communications.

The modalities humans used over the centuries to help-themselves like acupuncture, fascinate me. I am into self-care and massage therapy, aromatherapy, and eating unprocessed food. I love all sorts of exercise, and prefer to take long walks in nature. I am Reiki I graduate, took advanced mediumship courses from Lilydale trained spiritual teachers. I remember my dreams and write them down. I use the tarot as a coaching tool in my tools palette for discovery and self-reflection.

And so I designed Starting Over when the time was right, it wouldn’t be possible otherwise, I would not be ready. During the workshops participants write expressive writing in personal journals, I invite you to bring your own. We do not share our writing. And in between the writing exercises we play with art pens and create calligraphy art and complete other exercises with the material provided. Artistic skill is not required to participate.

Starting Over brings community together. I would love it if you would join us!