And yet another city story.

I was involved in an accident last Saturday. Aside two sets of bruised knees and palms, I am physically fine. The accident took place on Broadway street, right after Columbus circle in the New York city neighborhood of Manhattan.

I was on my bicycle headed towards W67th street. A red light on W65th held back the two rows of heavily trafficked taxis temporarily. That red light saved me, because it was right after i passed it that it happened. A parked truck driver not noticing the road, opened his passenger door and threw me off my bicycle. There was no time to avoid it. I fell in the middle of the road, hands and knees on the ground. My bicycle about two meters away from me. Had there been cars beside me, I’d be in serious trouble.

“Are you ok? I could not answer, but felt tears freely running on my cheekbones. “You are in the middle of the road.” A gentleman helped me get up. I was in pain. “I just.. i need to get going” I replied.

“Are you ok?”, the nice man repeated. “Yes i am ok, I wished he saw me”, referring to the truck driver who watched us silent. “Is tough, accidents happen” the gentleman said. The truck driver pulled my bike off the street.

“Where are you going? are your going far?” my guardian wanted to make sure i am ok. “Two blocks down the road, i am fine. I need to get going,” i repeated. “Can you put the chain back on my bike?” I asked the truck driver. “Yes,” he replied. I watched him take care of that. My guardian stayed with me a few minutes longer to ensure i’m ok. When the man finished with my chain he said “I am sorry, i ll be more careful from now on.”

I accepted his apology, it was an accident. I needed to forgive and forget.

In general people don’t take into account ahead of time that their actions may harm another. It would be ideal if we all did. In this fast-pace life where we all rush to get to some place, we tend to stop looking ahead, or even don’t notice other individuals.

I reached my destination a little late. I parked my bike and sat outside for a little more than ten minutes to recover from the shock. It was a cold but sunny day.

I am a lot more careful now riding my bike in Manhattan.





Paradise: a place that is perfect for a particular activity or for a person who enjoys that activity

I woke up feeling in bliss this morning. The night before, I pitched my new film to some new folks; they understood me. Perfectly! People wished me luck in my creative endeavors!

As the day progressed and i focused on revising my script, doubtful thoughts kicked in about the challenging task i took upon.

My fear evasive, interrupts my bliss. How can i sustain my enthusiasm and complete the impossible?

1. Refuse to procrastinate. Complete all tasks at hand on a daily basis; put in the hours, consistency is key.
2. Don’t over-analyze, thoughts come and go. What matters is the results after a days of work.
3. Rest for an hour, then go back to work.

What i focus on expands. My paradise is my work.

When to know Κεφτεδες (Keftethes) is cooked enough

Keftedes“Slow cooking makes all the difference,” my mom said.

I rarely make fried food, I try to keep a healthy life-style. But once in a blue moon is OK! Here’s the ingredients you’ ll need to buy to make Κεφτέδες , a Cyprus fried meatball type recipe:

Κεφτέδες (pronounced: keftethes)

4  Medium size white potatoes

1 Pound ground meat of your preference

1 Egg

1 Onion

Fresh parsley

Fresh mint


Black pepper


                                                   Optional -bread crumbs, 1 tspoon Baking powder

NOTE: You may choose to combine two types of ground meat. Any combination will give a different flavor to your Κεφτέδες (Keftethes).

Preparation: Grate the potatoes and remove the excessive water from the bowl. Thinly chop mint and parsley. I use them generously in my mixture, i like the flavors they bring to the dish. In general however, 1 cup of parsley and a few spoons of mint will be the analogy.

Mix all other ingredients together. Form small oval or round shapes with the mixture in your hands, no more than one and a half inches diameter. In fact, i suggest to be open and experiment with the size of your Keftethes (Κεφτέδες), a lot depends on the frying pan you have etc.

The black pepper should dominate over the cinnamon. I don’t use a measure spoon. A general estimate is to add half to one teaspoon of cinnamon and one and a half or two of the pepper, use your judgement on that.

The secret to successfully frying Keftethes (Κεφτέδες), is to heat up the oil very much. I use olive oil for all my cooking needs, but any oil you like cooking is fine. As my mother pointed out, once the oil is heated up in a deep frying pan, place the meatballs in it. Immediately turn down the heat. Slow cooking helps to cook well inside. Once the meat turns golden brown, your  Keftethes (Κεφτέδες) is ready. It should only take a few minutes to bring the first serving up from the pan, the oil should be that much heated.

P.S. The healthier version is to broil the Keftethes (Κεφτέδες) in the oven with a brush of olive oil in the baking dish. They taste the same, especially if you boil the potatoes first and mash them in the mixture. I always serve them with a Greek salad and Greek yogurt, but whatever works for you really.

(Κεφτέδες) is pronounced keftethes.

When one choice does not work, try another

My first Kickstarter campaign ended on Sunday March second, at 11:46 EST. My documentary, My Life in Black Rock, Buffalo, New York, was to continue to be stored in my LaCie external drive. I had no funding to proceed with film festivals submissions.

A cold virus had accompanied me home the week prior. I think it sneaked into my system while i was riding my bike. I felt weak and got fever shivers. Gradually, I lost my voice and developed a coarse cough.

I stayed home to recover. I watched TV and made lots of comfort food and pop-corn. At one sitting, while eating the pop-corn, i broke my tooth. The size of the enamel was alarming.

It is mandatory to remain calm when a succession of disasters take place.

On Monday morning of March third, i booked an appointment with a local dental facility. Then, i  reviewed all e-mails i was unable to read during the monthly promotion of my campaign. And there it was, what i needed the most:  FilmFreeway

FilmFreeway is an online platform that provides free film festival submissions!

I  am a member of Withoutabox, the oldest online platform i know of, for festival submissions around the world. Withoutabox is the only submission platform that will fast-track your film to an IMDB page. I had done my research when i completed my film this past November, only one film festival would be free of submission fees via Withoutabox.

Apparently while i was creating a buzz online, someone noticed and sent me the information of this very cool platform!

FilmFreeway is easy to use. Create an account first. Then, create a project page with all the information. Copy and paste your film’s URL from Vimeo or YouTube channel. In a few minutes, your project is available at FilmFreeway.

The next steps are to browse available film festivals and submit where you like. The navigation bar on the left is easy to use and with adjustment bars to identify the festivals that fit your  your budget (from $0 to $200+). I was able to submit my film for review to 25 film festivals around the globe! Next step is to investigate which festivals may wave their submission fee. FilmFreeway provides that function as well.

Keep that in mind when stumbling upon obstacles that prevent you to continue promote your creative work (or anything else that is important to you):  When one choice does not work, try another!