Nefeli Soteriou
Brooklyn, NY

Bio: Nefeli Soteriou, MFA, CCA is a life enrichment coach, a healthy eating culinary educator, and a visual art educator for 17 years and has worked with healing and wellness groups for the last 4 years. She has developed programs and courses of study for those seeking to achieve wellness and dive deeper into personal transformation, as well as for educators and arts professionals desiring training and supervision. She is best known for her design of Art for Wellness programs, a potpourri of creative fun, a curriculum blend from her Greek-Cypriot inheritance, the Mediterranean tradition and lifestyle, her Western influences as an expatriate in the United States and Eastern philosophy on mindfulness, combined with projects and assignments from various forms of art, including architecture, design, photography and expressive writing, for rich, meaningful, experiences. Nefeli is an independent filmmaker and a producer, awarded photographer with a worldwide exhibit record, a national presenter, an adjunct professor in interpersonal communication and filmmaking production, and writes extensively on art, personal development, and wellness. She has mentored students from around the world on visual art and filmmaking. In her private practice, Nefeli helps clients in motivation, creativity, self-expression, and lifestyle wellness. Contact Nefeli at 347-830-5239, to schedule a consultation. Creativity Coaching Association, Creativity Coach Master of Fine Arts, Film and Media Arts, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, Athens University of Applied Sciences, Greece

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