Nefeli Soteriou
Brooklyn, NY

Bio: Hello there! It is a pleasure to have you check in. I am a native of Cyprus and live in Brooklyn, NY, which I dearly love. Exercise in nature is elemental to me. Other of my interests evolve around art practice, creativity and wellness. I have been a Visual Art teacher for twelve years now, from academia to kindergarten. Some of my employers include the City University of New York, Temple University in Philadelphia and the Gilda and Henry Block Art School, a branch of 92nd street Y in Manhattan, New York. In my private coaching practice I help clients in the areas of motivation, interpersonal communication and wellness. I utilize various modalities in my tools palette, in guiding clients to reach their goals. Though the Art for Wellness program I designed, I guide clients to de-stress, enhance mindfulness and meaningfully self-reflect. I have extensive experience with children and my enrichment program the 4' C's: Confidence. Communication. Creativity. Cognitive increase is available in New York city only. I visit children's home locally and we work together with visual art, contact me to brief you in. As independent filmmaker, I mentor filmmakers that need support to reach their goals. For visual artists and sensitive individuals that need backbone support in their chosen path, please drop me a line. Finally, for Greek and Cypriot native individuals ready to march to their own drum in life, contact me for a SKYPE chat! I am looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Nefeli Creativity Coaching Association, Creativity Coach Master of Fine Arts, Film and Media Arts, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, TEI of Athens, Greece p: 347-830-5239

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