Good morning everyone,

I am writing to get in touch and also to announce my commitment to have a regular connection established with you and the world with a newsletter.

I received my Certification in Creativity Coaching on August 4th, 2016, here’s a mini article I was asked to write for my graduation at the CCA’s newsletter.

As part of my Coaching programs, I offer my expressive arts workshop Starting Over at MINKA Wellness center in Brooklyn, 11225, on Saturday October 29th, from 11:00am-1:00pm. Starting Over combines writing and spontaneous art exercises. It is designed to help participants restore their inner balance and gain understanding of their feelings. Artistic skill is not required to participate. Should you know anyone in the city of New York that may benefit, please share MINKA’s contact link. Their phone number is 917-635-3666.

I strive to write this newsletter as if I am standing across you and talking to you in person. Greek is my native language. I spend a lot of hours writing and revising everything I send out. Though someone proofreads, should there something feels awkward once in a while, I would appreciate your understanding and send me an email to point it out.

Is been four years I started writing my film Adjustment. I produced it in the city of New York. I am now doing the tedious work in post-production, color correction and sound editing. I maybe able to share with you the first draft of the trailer at my next newsletter. The film describes the stakes of the young protagonist who is laid off and is at crossroads, should she pursue the promise of the US, or return to her homeland in Europe? Adjustment is a fiction film I planned and shot with no additional crew. I casted with the following talent, Holly Jian, Michelle Marlowe, Kate Dickinson, Raymond Pental, and Elodie Di Paulo Burrone. The wonderful music composer Ilsik Byun who is based in LA, composed a great Jazz score.

Finally, I want to share that I have a few slots open for Creativity Coaching. I am able to meet in person in Brooklyn, or in Manhattan. For the folks abroad, I am available over SKYPE between 5:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. daily, US Eastern Time. You may call me for a consultation at (01) 347-830-5239, or email at My website is

Sending you warm loving thoughts for optimal wellness. Best, Nefeli





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