The third annual International Coaching Conference in Creativity was held two weeks ago at Lake George, NY. Creativity Coaches, Psychotherapists and Artists from all walks of life gathered to discuss issues around Creativity. As active member of the association and a Creativity Coaching candidate, I joined them. After all Creativity is one of my passions.

Upon my late arrival on Friday evening, I attended a dinner gathering where I met most attendees and conference presenters. The icebreaker games were a well-organized treat that helped us escape from our comfort zone and get to know each other a bit more.

On Saturday morning I enjoyed a delicious fresh breakfast right before the keynote speech. The keynote reminded me to feel inspired of life itself, regardless the cracks I may face on my path. I was furthermore helped to reinforce my belief in myself, that there is nothing I couldn’t handle, should I simply choose to.

Some presenters emphasized how important it is to have courage, but also be mindful of our own negative thoughts. In my opinion, minding the negative mind is a topic that many may resonate aside creative people, coaches or therapists. Simply put the chatterbox comes with being human.

We should care for such venues that promote inspiration for life as they foster ideas for collective and individual excellence.

Remember, the sky is the limit!


The conference organizers scheduled a steamboat ride in Lake George, a very pleasant treat for all attendees; the snap-shot from my first Android smart phone


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