Film Fatales is a collective of women filmmakers based in New York City. The concept is simple: to support and mentor other women in the industry through meetings held the first Monday of the month.

Firm believers of small gatherings, collectives like theirs provides a safe environment to share industry resources, insights to resolve production problems and ideas overcoming finance obstacles.

All Film Fatales members are writers/directors and have produced one feature length film in the genres of narrative or documentary.

The collective hopes to promote the creation of more stories by and about women. London has already formed its own Film Fatales group, New Orleans and several other cities across the US.

If you want to create your own Film Fatales group, contact the organizers in New York city, they will guide you step by step in the process. I was present last night for the Film Fatales panel discussion organized by IFP (Independent Feature Project) at the Made in New York Media Center.


Collabfeature is a new collective that connects independent filmmakers to mufti-direct features internationally. Each filmmaker will direct in their own country. How cool is that! I found out about Collabfeature through mandy.com. I am a frequent visitor of mandy.com while searching  for that new opportunity I can be of extraordinary service in my field.







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