IMG_3631This is a picture of a strange growth developed at Blazes left paw (the gray and white spot). It is thick skin that grows around the pads.

I freaked out the first day I noticed. A tumor? this and other thoughts crossed my mind. He did not have difficulty to walk. I wanted to sanitize the area with iodine solution for infection. But his fleshy underparts are personal territory to Blaze. He would not let me take a closer look.

When Blaze says “no” he means it. I chase after him in the apartment. He growls if he must, i let him be. Blaze is of the independent ones. Alluring him to the bathroom which is a small area took considerate effort and half a bag of treats. When I reached my goal to sanitize all four paws, I felt I took the first step to help my dog.

Apparently this condition may come with age, Blaze turns nine this year. I reached to that conclusion after online search. I typed “strange growth, paw” at Google’s search engine and got a plethora of medical information on dog skin conditions.

The next afternoon, Blaze was lying on my bed, very relaxed. There was my chance to check on his growth. I approached slowly and pet him to ease him in. He welcomed wagging his tail. To my surprise he allowed me to lift his paw and examine it. When I looked closer, the growth was gone! Blaze chewed it off! He let a trail of small pieces of skin  spread around him.

I suppose my dog had enough of my invasive tactics and took charge of the matter for himself; he cut his growth off.


P.S. I am scheduled to check with his vet however. In his mature years he needs preventive care.


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