In real life some artists may never proclaim their artistry. They may never distribute their product of work at an art gallery, or be known to a wider audience for their craft.  Successful creative-making is that which brings balance into a person’s life, a product developed through their labor of love.

Karen Spencer is one of my colleagues, a librarian by training, and the designer of this beautiful purse. She surprised me with this gift last August when we met last time, before my departure from Buffalo, New York. I already used the purse in the city of New York and it got attention, because it is simply unique.

This masterpiece is made from different used ties Karen collected over the years. She started sewing at a very young age and I can attest, her technique is flawless. Throughout the years Karen created bed quilts, table coasters, decorative quilts, wash clothes, all from used clothing.

P.S. I took the photography with my 4S i-phone. I did not edit the stills at all, a day light shot right before noon.




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