The most solid relationship in my life thus far is with my art-making. I started young, my parents encouraged. From joining a children’s choir, to choosing to attend a high-school with disciplines in Graphic Arts and Design, I slowly carved out the creator’s path for myself. To perfect my skill-set, I took private lessons and improved my technique in drawing, oil and watercolor. Is been twenty plus years I consciously make art. And yet, my technique is not perfect.

Practicing art requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline. It calls for establishing habitual patterns and willingness to maintain them, while dealing with life. It is a chosen path, the artist’s life.

Throughout the years I learned that my efforts may or not be appreciated by the general public. Other artists may receive that grant I want. Audiences may not understand my concepts. Folks may test my patience with wanting additional clarifications about my ideas and others will be indifferent in viewing my films.  There will be always people that will expect me to produce stories to their liking, including happy endings.

Truth to be told, there was one time I wanted to quit. I snapped out of it when I realized that the only person I compete with, is myself. I learned in time to develop a thicker skin.

After twenty plus years of art practice I have grown to know a few things. I know a lot more than i used to know. I don’t know as much as I am going to know. I intent to keep making art, I plan to continue enjoying this journey. Really, what else is there?


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