Since my relocation in the city of new York, i sought work-out programs i could immediately  afford -the free price range. Not only i enjoy exercising outdoors, I prefer to mingle with like-minded people. The Rice meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30am-7:00am – rain, snow or shine- and in different parts of the city. On Mondays and Fridays the location is set.

I joined The Rise group first time this morning for an outdoors, boot-camp style workout. I have tried unsuccessfully in the past few months to wake up earlier to join them. Breaking habitual patterns is quite a task. Thankfully, i beat resistance by planning this change. A week prior, I set my alarm clock at 6:00am.  I finally transitioned to the new habit. I can not say it was a smooth one- but i wanted it.

The work-out this morning took place in Times Square.  Supersets included squats, pushups, burbies and other core body exercises, a half-hour of worthwhile effort.

Was i challenged? Very much. But i have energy for the rest of my day. All thanks to

I can’t recall how i discovered this social platform, but it has been a real benefit to me over the years. I have traveled and relocated plenty in my life. A major challenge I overcame through meet-ups, is meeting new people. I made long-lasting friendships overtime and always had great fun!

Last year, when my close friends left Buffalo to other cities, i joined a bikers meet-up. I re-discover Buffalo one more time, right before my departure. I biked to places I’d never known otherwise, such as thirty miles along the Clarence bike path. I biked along  the Erie Canal and across the Buffalo waterfront. I biked at the Peace bridge to Canada and came right back -but that’s another story.

The meet-up communities of New York are super active. The people of New York city are inventive and make things happen, such as obtaining permits for a safe workout, boot-camp style in Times Square!

It is Spring in New York.  I hope the rest of your week is full of energy and motivation!



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