I was involved in an accident last Saturday. Aside two sets of bruised knees and palms, I am physically fine. The accident took place on Broadway street, right after Columbus circle in the New York city neighborhood of Manhattan.

I was on my bicycle headed towards W67th street. A red light on W65th held back the two rows of heavily trafficked taxis temporarily. That red light saved me, because it was right after i passed it that it happened. A parked truck driver not noticing the road, opened his passenger door and threw me off my bicycle. There was no time to avoid it. I fell in the middle of the road, hands and knees on the ground. My bicycle about two meters away from me. Had there been cars beside me, I’d be in serious trouble.

“Are you ok? I could not answer, but felt tears freely running on my cheekbones. “You are in the middle of the road.” A gentleman helped me get up. I was in pain. “I just.. i need to get going” I replied.

“Are you ok?”, the nice man repeated. “Yes i am ok, I wished he saw me”, referring to the truck driver who watched us silent. “Is tough, accidents happen” the gentleman said. The truck driver pulled my bike off the street.

“Where are you going? are your going far?” my guardian wanted to make sure i am ok. “Two blocks down the road, i am fine. I need to get going,” i repeated. “Can you put the chain back on my bike?” I asked the truck driver. “Yes,” he replied. I watched him take care of that. My guardian stayed with me a few minutes longer to ensure i’m ok. When the man finished with my chain he said “I am sorry, i ll be more careful from now on.”

I accepted his apology, it was an accident. I needed to forgive and forget.

In general people don’t take into account ahead of time that their actions may harm another. It would be ideal if we all did. In this fast-pace life where we all rush to get to some place, we tend to stop looking ahead, or even don’t notice other individuals.

I reached my destination a little late. I parked my bike and sat outside for a little more than ten minutes to recover from the shock. It was a cold but sunny day.

I am a lot more careful now riding my bike in Manhattan.





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