My first Kickstarter campaign ended on Sunday March second, at 11:46 EST. My documentary, My Life in Black Rock, Buffalo, New York, was to continue to be stored in my LaCie external drive. I had no funding to proceed with film festivals submissions.

A cold virus had accompanied me home the week prior. I think it sneaked into my system while i was riding my bike. I felt weak and got fever shivers. Gradually, I lost my voice and developed a coarse cough.

I stayed home to recover. I watched TV and made lots of comfort food and pop-corn. At one sitting, while eating the pop-corn, i broke my tooth. The size of the enamel was alarming.

It is mandatory to remain calm when a succession of disasters take place.

On Monday morning of March third, i booked an appointment with a local dental facility. Then, i  reviewed all e-mails i was unable to read during the monthly promotion of my campaign. And there it was, what i needed the most:  FilmFreeway

FilmFreeway is an online platform that provides free film festival submissions!

I  am a member of Withoutabox, the oldest online platform i know of, for festival submissions around the world. Withoutabox is the only submission platform that will fast-track your film to an IMDB page. I had done my research when i completed my film this past November, only one film festival would be free of submission fees via Withoutabox.

Apparently while i was creating a buzz online, someone noticed and sent me the information of this very cool platform!

FilmFreeway is easy to use. Create an account first. Then, create a project page with all the information. Copy and paste your film’s URL from Vimeo or YouTube channel. In a few minutes, your project is available at FilmFreeway.

The next steps are to browse available film festivals and submit where you like. The navigation bar on the left is easy to use and with adjustment bars to identify the festivals that fit your  your budget (from $0 to $200+). I was able to submit my film for review to 25 film festivals around the globe! Next step is to investigate which festivals may wave their submission fee. FilmFreeway provides that function as well.

Keep that in mind when stumbling upon obstacles that prevent you to continue promote your creative work (or anything else that is important to you):  When one choice does not work, try another!


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