My week was full of fascinating events and i wanted my new post to reflect the richness of one personal experience. But the more i tried to focus one one theme, the harder it became.

Today i decided to give in and simply write, complete my post and share it.


I am happy to announce my campaign reached Popularity ranking #20 at Kickstarter. I am grateful people can find out about my work. I am new to the promotional aspect of film-making but i enjoy every step of the process.

Please feel free to share my campaign at your social media posts. I could use the support!


I had a very contemporary viewer’s experience at Acorn theater last night. The play is Intimacy, a comedy written by Thomas Bradshaw and directed by Scott Elliott. It describes the relationships of three different families that live in a small town. For in-depth details about the plot, visit Acorn theater’s website at:

A sign inside the theater explains Intimacy contains nudity. I consider myself a liberal person. Was i shocked and felt unease? Certainly. Did i crack myself up with the absurdity of the characters? I did.

Several people left during intermission and i was not surprised.

I thought the playwright had a goal to remind audiences of their vulnerabilities and idiosyncrasies as human beings. We may still judge others based on our own perceptions of reality regarding religion, gender and race. I felt the play successfully provoked me into thinking about becoming more tolerant and accepting of the different.

I liked how the cast was orchestrated to move in the stage, overall i felt the directorial decisions were smart. And i loved how the characters were present on stage -no curtain- right before the beginning of the play. At around 8:00pm the lights went off and the show begun. I took a still from my i-phone five minutes before the beginning of the play that i paste below.



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