I put on many hats in my career span and worked at extraordinary positions here and abroad. I experienced  the good and the bad in working in different industries. I had great times with fun people at work, from higher-ups to co-workers. Sure, from time to time i ran into unscrupulous business tactics that i learned to either cope with, or seek new employment. In the Taoist approach, the good-bad distinctions and other dichotomous moral judgments are perceptual, not real.

I don’t know how i know what i know sometimes, but i felt i will find new work this month.

My job search begun a year prior to my relocation, but real progress took place when i met my career coach. The New York Public library offers the service for free, New Yorkers we are lucky!  I put the time in and read two books as advised. I completed several assessments and marked down my specialized skills. My coach helped me target my search and i know now, i can be an even greater contributor based on my specialized skills.

“It will happen in February” i shared with a friend this past October. “What are you a psychic?” my friend replied doubtful. “I don’t know how i know what i know sometimes, but i know, i will find new work in February”.

“Dream on”, my friend said.  And it was her doubt that blocked my intuition temporarily. Thankfully i snapped out of it quickly.

When doubt  kicks in because of external factors, question it. Or even better, ignore it. Is not possible that others know what you deeply feel and know. Continue to trust and take the steps necessary to reach towards your goals. Share to more supportive friends if you need to, accept that your perception for life varies from others and leave it at that. Whatever it is, don’t dwell on others doubt, at the end you may mistake it as your own.

I am grateful for the gift to know what i know. I currently discuss two part-time jobs.


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