I would like to announce that i launched my first Kickstarter campaign! My Life in Black Rock Buffalo New York is a documentary that celebrates life! It is a lively conversation about mothering, migration and notions of happiness. I dedicate this project to my mother Mirianthi, for she has worked hard all her life to support my education. I love you mom!

A description of the film and the creative process is described at the link below:


Please feel free to announce the campaign with sharing the above link to your professional groups, friends and family locally and elsewhere around the world. Only when i manage to raise my funding goal in the given time-frame -30 days-, i will be able to receive the funds. I can really use the support.  The rewards I carefully selected for best quality. Thank you again!

P.S. I  am trained to be behind the scenes not in the front line. It may not be obvious in my presentation but i really-really pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone in order to film a short video segment and publicly ask for support for My Life in Black Rock Buffalo New York.

Thank you so much for your support! Your help really means a lot to me!


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