I tend to commute by foot or by bicycle in the city of New York. The subway system i avoid as much as possible. Being practical in nature, I appreciate the exercise and enjoy the breeze of fresh air and sensing the sun on my skin.

It is perfectly safe to ride in the city, the main challenges i face are the following:

  • fellow-bikers that ride towards me on the one-way narrow bike lane
  • pedestrians that use the bike lane as an extension of the pavement
  • drivers that don’t slow down when the light from the bikers end is clearly green

When i commute by foot, i usually take snapshots with my i-phone. I photograph things that are somewhat inspirational to me. It is challenging to take photographs while i ride my bicycle, even though i tried.

I took the subway to Brooklyn last week (Thursday, January 23 2014) to honor a friends film screening event
at Bat Haus. Kevin Jean-Baptiste screened his short film Choices. The film describes a young man’s decision to give up on a friend who was dealing drugs.

I met Kevina at a filmmaker’s networking event in Dumbo at Made in NY Media Center. We have one passion in common, film-making. I feel wonderful to mingle with like-minded people. It is my experience that it takes courage for being involved in the industry. Not only is a competitive field, there is abundance of talent in it.

But that’s life isn’t it? To keep pushing towards ones desires despite any obstacles presented. Is like cycling. To reach to my destination i overcome the challenges thrown in front of me and continue pedaling. I may sweat, get tired, but i reach at the end. And my rewards are far greater than taking the subway because i want to exercise and feel the fresh breeze of air and sense the sun beams on my skin. At the end it is my personal choice.


i-phone snapshot from the film screening of Kevin’s Jean-Baptistes’s Choices, on January 23 2014, at Bat Haus


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