I never thought it can get cold in New York city. In fact, i was surprised to see snow falling and staying on the ground. I somehow associated such climate effects to take place only in neighboring States with Canada, like Michigan and Minnesota. I tend to forget that Buffalo is a city of the state of New York and that I have experienced much colder winters as a resident there.

After all it is only minus eight in Celsius degrees today, eighteen in Fahrenheit. But i am reluctant to step out from home.

Blaze seems to be less tolerant to New York city’s snow. On the first steps out of the apartment he starts limping, i consider to buy him snow-boots. He loved to run in fresh snow and played fetch in the fields until exhaustion in Buffalo.  I had to drag him home because his orange Chuckit ball had turned into a white round ice cube outside.

For uplifting my spirits and yours, I post a photograph that I took from my i-phone during my last visit in my hometown Limassol. That was last week. I was the only one exercising in a short-sleeve t-shirt at the waterfront and definitely picked-up the weird looks from the locals. “I saw you from far away and thought to myself who is this person, running under-dressed in winter?” This was a high-school friend of mine with her husband. They had fleece on, mitten gloves, scarves and hats, the temperature was about twenty degrees Celsius, which roughly equals to sixty eight in Fahrenheit.

I suppose i have become resilient to extreme climate conditions living all these years abroad.

iphone still


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