One of my favorite storytellers is Jim Henson and the Muppet Show tv series.
His work is cleverly crafted, educational and speaks to global audiences.

I attended Jim Henson’s Fantastic World large traveling exhibit at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, WA back in 2009. I learned about Henson’s entrepreneurial spirit and his persistence in producing his creative work. Jim Henson started his career in commercials and made his films from home. Slowly and gradually he shaped the standards for children’s shows as we know them today.

I recently watched The Muppet Movie, 1979 with a friend from a different upbringing than mine, culture and country. How wonderful the Muppets unite! Below a summary of the film:

Kermit the frog lives in a pond.
Like all other frogs he stretches his tongue,
in catching his meal.

Life in the pond is routinely the same,
Kermit plays the guitar and sings all day.

A Hollywood agent who is lost in the pond,
discovers Kermit the frog.

“You could make millions of people happy
with the talent of yours!”

With trust in these words,
Kermit begins a long journey.

Newfound friends support him in reaching his goal.

Despite the blocks he stumbles upon,
Kermit the frog is plugging away.

The Muppet Movie, 1979.


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